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New moon/Spritz 100 ml


A high strength deliverance of essential oils specifically helpful during the new moon 

(or menstruation, menopause &  times of stress & unrest)

*Shake well and spray over face & shoulders, inhaling deep breaths as the mist falls onto your skin. 

*Use during the day as needed & with your sleep routine to initiate the nervous system into rest. 


Frankincense has immune fortifying properties & can support the respiratory system through the cold months

Lavender alleviates cramps & pms & promotes sleep signals to the nervous system

Ylang ylang harmonises masculine & feminine energies & helps ease you through high tension situations.

contains : distilled water, Frankincense, Lavender, Ylang ylang & crystal quartz foraged from brighton beach dunedin otago new zealand. 



Welcome to TheBrightonWaxRoom/Aromatherapy. Home to Sylvia, your resident beauty therapist from the shores of brighton beach. An artisanal creator of exquisite aromatherapy remedies and skincare loved by her massage & waxing clientele, & now available at the Brighton Boat Shed Bazaar for the wider community. Sylvia has worked in the beauty industry far and wide, collecting a journal of beauty & wellness secrets. She also spent time within native communities learning about earth medicine & the holistic approach to inner/outer beauty and connection. Discover the subtle energies of aromatherapy, nourish your skin, uplift your spirit & enhance your self-care rituals.

New Moon/Spritz 100ml - The Brighton Wax Room Aromatherapy

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